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Resort-Hotel, Tabanan

With a Vista in head of the famous temple of the sea of the portion of Tanah, this resource of oceanfront offers the magnificent luxury. Their magnificent swimming pools, bath traditional and to ajardinar of the rice-paddy provide a true experience of Bali.

Golf of Him Meridien Nirwana and the resource of the bath are the only hotel in Bali with its own hole 18, course of Normando-designed golf Greg. It is also near the main attractions of the tourist and the purchases of the island.

Golf of Him Meridien Nirwana of 278 sites and the resource wonderfully designed and luxuriously designated of the bath pay attention within 100 hectares, not prohibiting its guests a sensation that cheer of spaciousness and an affinity with the natural environs of the terraces of the rice, the gardens and to landscaped swimming pools lushly.

In golf of Him Meridien Nirwana and the impressive resource of the bath, views and ambience natural they make this desemejante resource of any other in Bali. The vision from the corridor admits the terraces of the undertow that crash and the rice. The seat of the mystical culture of Bali is as soon as the following door where the charming temple of the sea of the portion of Tanah perched in a rocky outcrop. The visions in the dark are spectacular! The quarters and the rooms all of the guest offer great balconies with the views of the Indian Ocean, the course of golf or the gardens.

The beauty and the simplicity of the traditional architecture of the low buildings of lie are pressing. The ceiling flow-covered with straw of the corridor reveals the abilities of local retailers and fixes the scene for a true experience of Balinese. Featues of the resource paves with stones the statures of the relevación, to detail of delicate wood and the temples that capture the essence of Bali. It has not been ignored any detail and the great care has been taken to make sure that each facet of the design is in harmony with the style of Balinese. The water is a predominant characteristic of the resource and it is gotten up through the extensive gardens of the hotel, cascades and the pools, providing a very pleasant one give a stroll for the guests of the resource.

The prestigious resource of Him Meridien Nirwana Bali is located throughout the magnificent coast of the southwest of Bali framed by the volcanic contexts of the mountain and the impressive views of the Indian Ocean.

Within easy route they are some of the places more known Bali of the interest such as Ubud - colony of the artist who prospers, the sacred forest of the monkey of Sangeh, temple of Mengwi, Brattan lake as well as many of the most scenic impulsions of the forest of Bali. The area developed recently in the coast of the west of the south of Bali, hardly 45 minutes of the international airport, offers a truely unique experience. For the visitor of return to Bali, it is the Bali as an older person, of rich in the custom, of attractive, enchanting and Pacific in his environs. To the new visitor, it is the “ideal Bali” with the fields of the rice that incline, the romantic people of the puttings of the sun, colorful and lovable.

Hotel Dining
Restaurant of Cendana - extensive and fresh in the light in the morning, rouses of Cendana the appetite at the beginning of the day. All the day having supper is available offering an international menu and a buffet of carte of the the one of à. The kitchen is a mixture of international and local favorites and can be of outdoors enjoyed interior and. In the breakfast an ample option of menu articles is offered with some cooked to request the specialties including in the price of the buffet. The menus of the lunch and the supper vary regularly with a great selection of pastes and salads. An ample wine selection is available. A specialty of the restaurant of Cendana is the buffet of the supper of the putting of the sun with dramatic views of the portion of Pure Tanah and the Indian Ocean.

Grill of the swimming pool - during time of the day a true open-style “swimming pool of Balinese roasts to parilla” the offer of the local and international favorites of the seafood, the grills and the fresh salads. At night, of “a Mediterranean kitchen of fresh offer of the A the one” of hideaway romantic of candlelit with fresh alive jazz.

Hall the corridor - abrirte daily of 10.00am, the supplies of the hall the corridor a magnificent Vista of the Indian Ocean and the famous temple of the sea of the portion of Tanah. Serving to a wonderful exciting cocktail range and a menu of popular mouthfuls, the hall the corridor is the perfect place to begin or to finish behind schedule your. Perhaps this has the most beautiful vision in all the Bali.

Restaurant of Nirwana - they open to prime minister of the hotel that has supper the site behind schedule each. The menu offers a range of the Asian kitchen of the northern part of China until the end to Asia South-Eastern. The reservations for this point that has supper popular recommend certainly. A specialty of the house is the menu of rijstafel!

Pizzeria of nautilus and publication of the diversion - abrirte daily of 5.00pm until 1.00am, supplies of nautilus an occasional atmosphere in which to relax. Terminar with a table of he himself size of snooker, dartboard, karaoke and the system of the sounds, this place is the place to unroll after a day occupied in the way or by the swimming pool! Happy hour “2 for 1” is offered daily of 6.00pm to 7.00pm. The Italian kitchen also uses daily.

Hotel Meeting & Conventions
The hotel provides an option of the quarters of the advisable meeting and the banquet for 12-350 people. The area of the pre-function is ideal for cocktails before the event of the finery, and the main dance hall can be divided in 2/3 and 1/3 classified quarters. Smaller quarters of the removal are deliberately constructed to accommodate to meetings or small suppers of the banquet. The facilities satisfying and with the banquet supply any thing between 25 to 600 with the facilities of the class of the world.

The quarter of board of the hotel has been designed to maintain 12 in a formal adjustment of the business, complete with the conditioned air electronically controlled, the illumination and the incorporated white board. The hotel also offers a constructed amphitheatre intention, advisable for the events of the subject stops up to 110 people. Golf of Him Meridien Nirwana and the resource of the bath have a team of the dedicated personnel of the banquet in your service to make any event or conference the success that you need it to be. The resource offers a range of the places conven

Hotel Activities
The exuberance and the energies, plugs that they look for and a liberation of satisfaction are accumulated; to let loosen them with misfortunes and voleos in the fields of tennis of floodlit. To increase your game with the cars of the tennis of the hotel, or to assemble with tensions of a partner who play and the movement of legs towards outside in the cuts of the pumpkin. Gym totally equipped allows that you pump the iron, the shock or the cycle to the healthy content of your heart.

More slowed down to unroll, our expansive network of four related swimming pools, completes with cascades, the sources and waterslides pay attention between pools of loto and the tropical gardens and offer a Pacific place where the guests can slide simply far. In the marine bath, the tranquillity prevails in a variety of treatments and designed massages to heighten well-being and the easy absent tension. The local traditions and the modern technologies harmonize to provide one of the most extensive ranges of the treatments available in the island.

Hotel Services & Facilities
3 swimming pools of Balinese, the slide of the water of 54m and a lagoon of swimming with an artificial white sand beach, 2 fields of tennis of floodlit, center totally equipped of the aptitude, 2 cuts with conditioned air of the pumpkin, course of golf of 18 holes, extensive facilities of the bath, an amphitheatre outdoors with the capacity of the seat for 120 seats and transport services and information of the trip.

Children Facilities
There is abundance to maintain to the happy cabritos in the club of Pinguin, provided specifically to maintain occupied them, entertained, and educated whereas the one is consumed all that enviable energy and manufacture of new friends. Also available it is a swimming pool of the children, pavilion of sandbox and playhouse.


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