Saturday, July 7, 2007

Waka Nusa Boutique-Hotel, Lembongan

The resource of Waka Nusa, in the island of Nusa Lembongan hardly of the border of the east of Bali, is a romantic resource in an enchanted island.

Simple but uncompromised the architecture of polished wood, natural floors and the distinguishing transport of the roof of alang of alang you in comfort and style to another place, another hour. Each bungalow pays attention to the planted private gardens with the tropical flowers.

To raise our yacht of luxury of the motor or the navigation of the catamaran in the port of Benoa and your charming equipment of Balinese will take 20 kilometers to you through Straits of Badung Nusa Lembongan. In this enchanted island, you will discover where your dream comes truth. There are other boats that visit Nusa Lembongan, or you can take jukung public from the beach of Sanur.

Hotel Dining
There is diverse type two of base of the restaurant in the guests at night (can need the personal attention the reserved isolation more) and guests of the Day-cruise hardly in the hour to eat. The furniture of the baskets fixed upon is amazing each one to share his histories of the vacations. The hotel installed the breakfast and the supper in the leading edge of the resource (in front of the beach). In the morning whereas that has breakfast Waka Nusa you offer a panoramic Vista of Bali of the east and the majestic silhouette of the Agung assembly. In the evening, you will see the multiple lights of the buildings of houses of Gianyar Bali of the east that offers the famous night that come and romantic suppers underneath stars. The meals are mainly a combination of wonderful prescriptions of Balinese and more familiar plates of the west of the meeting of the east. The Mayan of Waka makes any vegetarian request particular as, meals of the children, excursions and birthday or.

Sport and Recreation
The Art Shop
There are the wood walls of a house, place near the main swimming pool that you will see a certain exhibition of the clothes that hangs in front terrace. It can be that you have impermeable camera before snorkeling or to plunge itself in this store to make your joy memorable. The silver, sarong, sandals or… could be the object that you look for for the reflection of the primitive memories of the form of life of the luxuries of the island of Lembongan.

The Massage
The grass and the spices of indonesio add totally to the traditional experience of the rich nature of our treatments to the relaxation. This selection of the treatment is to offer available aromatic of the natural oil and an exotic mixture of the treatment. Ours therapist ensen$ado well wants most of the pleasure to explain each one walks of the treatment could provide your convenience.

Swimming Pool
The swimming pool main is located in means of the area of the activity of the guest with three very small round forms of loto with 0,5 meters, 1,5 measures, depth each one of 2,0 meters round. The water is salty, maintains the day fresh. Darte can the opportunity feel the fresh breeze whereas to place in a chair of the swimming pool underneath the trees of palm in the white sandy earth-yard. To have light food, the reading of the book and sunbathing are the things of the favorites that you can do in this area.

Services and Facilities
24 hours on watch of the guest, swimming pool, 07,00 freely restaurant and est - 10,00 P.M., site of the massage, the store of the art, safe-deposit box in counter, service of the laundry and the pressure, room service, yard and system of the table of tennis, service of the ball of the voleo of the beach of the doctor in the call, transferences of the airport of - to the port of Benoa or the area of the bay of Sanur sweeps.


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