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Alila Manggis Resort-Hotel, Manggis

One of the best secrets kept from Bali, Alila Manggis (well-known before as the Serai Manggis) is an isolated resource, with style located in a beach of the tranquil in Manggis, Bali of the east. To fix in the middle of woods of the Coco, the resource nestled between the sea and the majestic assembly Agung, the sagrada mountain more of Bali.

All the quarters and rooms in front of do the ocean with clear visions through the Straits to Nusa Penida. A contemporary interpretation of the traditional architecture of Balinese is combined ingeniously with the modern amenities to create an atmosphere relaxed in harmony with its natural environs.

Alila Manggis is located near 75 kilometers of the international airport of Ngurah RAI, or near two hours they lead, Manggis is an area between the port of Padang Bai and Candidasa.

To fix to pavilion traditional of Balinese in a pool of loto, the services of the restaurant a contemporary menu of plates of the company/signature and a collection of favorites of indonesio and Balinese. The elegant and relaxed adjustment of the restaurant ignores the wonderfully landscaped arguments and the ocean of the resource.

Poolside and the garden that has supper is available in Alila Manggis. To fix underneath the extensive woods of the Coco of the tranquil, swimming pool and turfs they are right a passage far from the beach.

Adjacent to the extensive area of the reception, the hall the corridor serves to an arsenal touching of drinks and cocktails of restoration.

Cooking School
Alila Manggis la' that cooks school is a lead unique course during five days. It is centered essentially in the food of indonesio but of Balinese. The format for the school is so that the participants pass half of the day in the kitchen and other half that explore Bali from a culinario and cultural point of view. The participants learn how to make plates satay, of sambal Balinese, classic of fish, currys and traditional candies.

The school that kitchen of Alila Manggis offers three programs of the duration to noon, of two days or five days.

There are seven programs of five days and twenty-two programs of two days available for 2003. All the programs, including a course of noon, can be made available to request. Certain restrictions are applied. To investigate directly please with the hotel.

Swimming Pool
The swimming pool of Alila Manggis is a central characteristic of the resource and it is designed like unusual inverted pyramid. This in center creates waters low around the edges and deep. To fix to landscaped gardens underneath the Coco palms that are shaken, he provides the perfect place to recline and to enjoy the Pacific resource, sunny atmosphere.

Leisure Concierge
The hotel has its own concierge of the leisure where the guests can reserve to trips to the local attractions and excursions of whitewater that he transports in raft to the fishing of high seas.

Water Sports
The skis of the wave and the masks and the fins of the tube respirator are available for hire. The resource also has its own outrigger of Balinese that can take to guests of the beach in front of the hotel the blue lagoon, beautiful and colorful Filo'n spilling with marine life. Bali of the east has the most spectacular sites of the plunge in the island, and all are located near Alila Manggis. The trips of the jump and the fishing can be fixed through hotel.

Two to six hours emigrate are available in the Alila Manggis in the company of the local guides good informed into the hotel. The trips include to emigrate to the hill of Gumang for the imposing views of the terraces verdant of the rice and mount Agung; Kastala to Tenganan, to emigrate of the track beaten through terraces of the rice and small farms to the village of Bali Aga de Tenganan, famous by his to weave double of ikat and basket-making only; and the Agung assembly emigrates truely for the adventurer, an ascent of four hours that reaches the cover after the exit of the sun.

Mountain Biking
Bicis of the mountain the spectacular village and trip maps suggested through landscape are available for hire in the hotel along with.

The Alila Manggis Wedding Experience
Alila Manggis has the perfect adjustment for an intimate wedding. We invited to you with taste to that you experience the inspirantes tranquil and environs in the middle of the beauty and of the tradition of Bali. The ceremonies can be organized on the base of the Alila Manggis or in the beach in front of the hotel (tides allowing). With the anticipated preparation, the Alila Manggis can prepare for its guests a traditional ceremony of the wedding, the nuptial blessing of Balinese, the nuptial procession, a reception of the cocktail and a real supper of Balinese.

• Boutique,

• Complimentary transfer service to Candi Dasa and Tenganan Village

• Room service 07:00 to 23:00,

• Satellite color TV,

• Safe Deposit Box,


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