Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blue Point Bay Villas and Spa Jimbaran

Blue Bay Point Villas & Spa is the last resort coast.
Located at the top of the cliff, in the far southern coast of Bali. The idea resolved in a romantic concept, which combines art with the convenience real ocean view.
There is probably no comparison to this area in Bali, possibly in the world.

The approach is towards the middle of upper-class traveler. The location, facilities and services and emphasize that qualify.
Blue Bay Point Villas & Spa is located 20 minutes from the airport and 2 miles from impressive temple of Uluwatu, they gathered to celebrate Balinese Purnama, or the full moon.


- Restaurant

Panasian Mediterranean cuisine, seafood, in the dining hall / barbecue. New restaurant is situated on the edge of the cliff, facing the Indian Ocean. Both restaurants are ideally located along the cliff, which allows our customers to see the light romantic and dramatic gift to clients and friends of Blue Bay Point Villas. The Chef Executive is pleased to offer their creations at the Blue Bay Restaurant Point, or its total privacy in her room.

- Swimming Pool

There are two large pools, one with kidney shaped searching along the cliffs of the south, the other in terraces, among the villas. Ideal for couples, and with ample opportunity to relax and enjoy the spectacular ocean view.

- Spa



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